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What People are saying about Diane Yochelson

“With Diane’s exceptional guidance, listening skills, and analysis, our team was coached on how to achieve our financial goals which seemed very overwhelming at the time. Diane helped us break down large projects into manageable steps and understand what was getting in the way of our success. With Diane’s help we were able to achieve more than we expected!”
A.Tauber, FL
Are you struggling to find the right clients, spending tons of time on sales and marketing and yet still not making much income?

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Hi, I’m Diane Yochelson, Business Coach and Mentor. I founded Peak Impact LLC because I wanted to help entrepreneurs and business owners avoid the pitfalls and frustrations I felt trying to grow my own business. Using my 20-year background in sales and marketing, I developed systems and programs designed to specifically help you attract the clients and generate the revenue and results you desire.

As my client you will learn how to:
Re-tool your roadmap
Clarify direction and priorities
Leverage your expertise
Attract ideal clients
Grow your revenue base

Running your own successful business or practice takes know-how. Unfortunately, too many service professionals believe “if they build it, the clients will come.” But that’s only half of the equation.

You see, to be successful, you must not only be excellent at the service you provide, but at knowing the strategies and systems to attract and engage your ideal clients in hiring you.

I’m committed to making this joyful, easy and fun for those I work with because the world needs your gifts now more than ever!

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My productivity continues to soar!
“Diane’s diplomacy and dedication to my achievement are her greatest strengths. Our sessions are always time well-spent because Diane works with me as a "whole" client. She makes links between the personal and professional parts of my life. The biggest benefit to me of Diane's coaching is that my productivity continues to soar even after our sessions end.”
S. Martel, MD

proven startegies
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